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About finleap

finleap is Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem, headquartered in Berlin. finleap was founded in 2014 by IONIQ Group and Ramin Niroumand, and has built or invested in 15 companies, of which 10 are active portfolio companies that are now worth more than EUR 3.0Bn. These include companies such as Solaris, CLARK and PAIR Finance. In addition to access to capital, finleap offers a network of investors as well as partners and top talent. Since its inception, the finleap ecosystem has raised over EUR 1.0Bn in funding rounds.

The finleap portfolio is managed through the investment company embedded/capital. embedded/capital is an early-stage VC, investing in fintechs across Europe. The company was founded in early 2022 by Ramin Niroumand and Michael Hock, who continue to foster the finleap ecosystem and journey.

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