Published on December 21st, 2016

5 Questions to Clark’s CMO Chris Lodde

Introducing Chris Lodde, a member of Clark’s management team. He is the acting Chief Marketing Officer at our Insurtech venture. Chris is an experienced digital marketer and customer experience expert. Before Clark, Chris held positions at Commerzbank, Sun Capital Partners and SMP Strategy Consulting. Today, we asked Chris five questions about Clark, his previous experiences and the future of the company. How did you decide to join Clark?

Chris: I was approached by Christopher, Steffen and Marco to complement Clark’s founder team with marketing experience. Clark’s value proposition and business model are great and I see a huge chance to disrupt the insurance industry – which as of today is dire straits from a customer’s perspective. Each Managing Director at Clark has a unique background: Christopher in startups and business development, Steffen in tech, Marco in insurance and myself in marketing. This combination enables us to quickly develop Clark. What is your role in the company?

Chris: I am Managing Director and responsible for Marketing and PR. Clark’s Marketing team is tasked with acquiring new customers and shaping Clark’s brand and perception. Building trust with customers is a key issue. What do you think will be your impact on the venture?

Chris: Continuing our success in customer acquisition, building Clark’s marketing team and developing our strategy. How does working at the venture relate to your previous experiences?

Chris: Before Clark, I have worked in variety of companies and roles, ranging from specialist consultancies, private equity, interim management and most recently Head of Digital Banking and Sales at Commerzbank. I bring my own work style to each environment. At Clark, we work in a super-efficient and fast way, which I like a lot. Every week, new product functionality and new marketing initiatives are being launched. This is only possible, because everybody at Clark shares the same vision and willingness to execute. In your opinion, where do you see Clark in the future?

Chris: The insurance market is very large – much larger than e-commerce markets. Our goal is to become the largest insurance broker.