Published on November 14th, 2018

Reshaping the Future of Finance. Together. finleap with a new appearance

Since its foundation in 2014, finleap has established itself as Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem with over 700 employees from more than 60 nations. We have founded 16 ventures with innovative business models in the fintech and insurtech sector. In this time, we have continuously refined our brand and are now proud to present its new and more mature appearance, reflecting the company strategy with our new fintech platforms.

Just like how our new strategy is an evolution of our company building process, our approach to the design process was more evolutionary than revolutionary. The new brand reflects our strategy’s evolution to modular platform-based company building and the way in which we build companies within our ecosystem.

Moreover, it was very important to now have our company values – trust, responsibility, curiosity, impact, collaboration and diversity – reflected in the brand. These are the values which the company was built on and which the employees were already living by.

Our finleap values

Both, the strategy and values were translated into a visual image. finleap’s fintech ecosystem, based on its intellectual capital, the regulated infrastructure platforms, the portfolio companies, the two fintech platforms and partners with the brand idea “Reshaping the Future of Finance. Together.” is the focus of the new design concept. This is also to demonstrate the ecosystem synergies that we benefit from every day.

The cornerstone of the new visual concept and main design icon – boxes – was derived from the ecosystem and is the red thread running through our entire visual concept. Our design also focuses on our employees as the expressive embodiment of our company, such as via portraits and team photos.

With the launch of the new website, we are now presenting this visual concept to the core target group of business partners and talents. The relaunch of the website is flanked by numerous internal and external measures that reflect the new branding concept, such as the integration of the new branding and values into social media communication and internal communications.