Published on November 21st, 2016

Savedo: FlexMoney

100% flexible investment

Fixed-term deposits are one of the most popular types of investments in Germany. They offer guaranteed interest earnings and have turned into a crisis-proof investment because of European Union deposit security regulations. Yet, this is not enough for many investors: the world is fast-paced and constantly changing, and we have to react and adapt to the changes in our financial and life planning decisions. For this reason our clients have asked for an investment product which does not just have high interest, but additionally is fully flexible when it comes to financial planning.

Our tip: Savedo Flexmoney. This new financial product is a classic fixed-term deposit with a pre-agreed duration. It can, however, be cancelled at any time without any charges and without giving a reason. Our clients can have access to their deposits on demand – a huge advantage compared to other fixed-term deposits.

Savedo’s Managing Director Christian Tiessen explains: “Flexmoney gives our clients the choice: either they can use the whole period and profit from high interest income, or they can take the option of premature cancellation and get the entire savings amount back exactly when they demand it. This high flexibility makes Flexmoney a very attractive and contemporary type of investment.”

We are excited and happy to provide you with Savedo-Flexmoney, a new and modern investment product. If you open a Flexmoney deposit, you don’t have to worry about your liquid funds during that term. Regardless of whether you are facing a job change, relocation of your housing, or your washing machine breaks: If you cancel your Flexmoney, it only takes a couple of days until you have access to your full savings amount. In addition, if you wait the full term of the deposit, you will be rewarded at the end with the interest (and compound interest) income of a real fixed-term deposit.