Published on August 9th, 2016

solarisBank Expands Partner Portfolio

FinLeap’s venture solarisBank has expanded its product portfolio by adding its “Rapid Credit” module. AutoScout24 – a well-known digital car purchasing platform-becomes the first partner to offer the new option to its customers.

solarisBank’s B2B2C reach will broaden less than six months after the launch because of the newly-found partnership with AutoScout24. Andreas Bittner, Board Member of solarisBank, comments that, “As one of Europe’s leading digital companies, Scout24 has the highest technological requirements and standards when choosing their partners. Integrating all of the modular ‘Rapid Credit’ bricks through a single API is groundbreaking for the financial industry. We are especially proud of the speed with which we’ve implemented ‘Rapid Credit’ together with AutoScout24 of the Scout24 Group”.

The new “Rapid Credit” module will enable users in Europe to secure financing for a used automobile within minutes. Customers can apply for loans ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 Euros – an amount solarisBank is planning on increasing in the near future. The application will be done directly through the AutoScout24 app. With its enormous potential, the new partnership will bring innovation to the automobile purchase system. Ralf Weltz, Vice President of Scout24Media, believes that, “Customers searching for their new car on their smartphone simply don’t want to go to their local bank for a number of reasons – convenience and speed amongst them. We see ourselves as digital pioneers and due to that we put our customers at the core of our business. We started this innovative partnership with solarisBank because of that – we want to support our users throughout the digital buying process.”

solarisBank has been rapidly growing since its launch. The company has added several team members making the total count of 50 employees as well as partnerships with fashioncheque and Cringle. Moreover, the online platform Savedo has also integrated solarisBank’s deposit module. Marko Wenthin explains the reason behind the venture’s quick integration into the market: “Success in ecommerce – especially in large-basket ecommerce – requires finance to unlock customer demand. But almost as important is offering customers fast, convenient and integrated financial products that fit their preferred buying habits. Therefore, banking services need to be modular and easily-integrated, and above-all, offer an excellent customer experience – which is enabled by the latest technology. With our bricks, we enable partners to do exactly that.”

The FinLeap team congratulates solarisBank on their newest addition to the portfolio. We hope many more will come in the future.