Published on June 17th, 2019

How We Turn Our Intellectual Capital Into Success

Top talent, Know-How & Network – all three key competencies for any successful company. But what do they stand for, and how are they implemented at finleap?

In the center of our success and as a basis for reshaping an entire industry finleap identified three crucial factors over the last few years. These factors are focusing on our employees as the main driver of innovation and impact. In order to achieve this, we carefully assemble a pool of people with diversified backgrounds, entrepreneurial spirit and high potential.  

Over the years, we’ve become an execution and implementation powerhouse, and our success is founded on three pillars:

Top Talent, Know-How and Network – our intellectual capital. But how do we define these three pillars, and how do they make us successful?

intellectual capital

Top Talent
Here at finleap, we hire people who are at the top of their fields, be it Tech, Product Management, Business Development, Account Management, Sales, People & Organisation, Operations, Finance & Legal, Design, Marketing, Communications or Customer Support. We purposefully empower our people to fulfill and even extend their own potential with the highest level of curiosity. Nothing gives talent more motivation than trust and an opportunity for significant impact in our universe. Therefore, our proven values of “responsibility and collaboration” are in the center of our efforts. Many of our employees have worked all across the globe in environments like (fin-)tech, banking & insurance, investment banking, consulting etc. – and our people & organization department is constantly on the hunt for the best people on the market, not only in Germany, but all over the world. Diversity is not just one of our values, we recognize the need for internationality to attract top talent currently from more than 60 nations and to ensure our ever-important cultural diversity.

With top talent, comes know-how, plain and simple. We have assembled 25 different departments across the span of finleap, a diversified team with varying backgrounds and experiences. Comprehensive knowledge combined with entrepreneurial spirit is key to creating new innovations and products to disrupt the traditional patterns of a traditionally conservative industry. We share a common vision in the finleap ecosystem: reshaping the future of finance, together.

Just like in nature, no ecosystem can thrive when closed in on itself. This is why we encourage all of our employees to share our vision with others. This has opened up an exponential number of contacts, partners, experts, customers and users. And since our top talents bring their many years of industry expertise and contacts, we have gained a vast network of investors, consultants, freelancers and potential employees – all of whom are available not only to us, but also to all of our portfolio companies.

For you it’s a leap in your career, with us it’s the future of finance

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