Published on March 29th, 2019

Welcome to the family, Penta!

At finleap, we’re not easy to impress. After building 16 fintech portfolio companies (including a BaFin licensed bank, a BaFin licensed insurance company and two digital finance platforms), partnering with players from the global banking and insurance industry and bringing a successful fintech ecosystem to life, we are used to dealing with excellent digital solutions, products and the respective teams.

But then we met Penta. And it was the perfect fit.

Penta offers easy and fast business banking for digital companies, like Airhelp, bepro11 and Global Digital Women. Through their partnership with solarisBank, which enables Penta’s business in Germany with their banking licence, the company has been in touch right from the start with the finleap ecosystem. Their product is used – and loved – by over 5500 customers in Germany. Penta’s customers can open a business bank account online in only a few minutes. They can also issue multiple cards for their employees, have a real-time spending overview and connect with accounting providers, like lexoffice.

Sounds familiar? Yes. Our portfolio company Beesy, based in Milan, offers also easy and fast online banking for digital micro-businesses. Both are sharing the same vision: Making business banking finally easy and completely digital. So why not work together?

Over the course of 2019, Penta’s services will also be available in Italy, via Beesy. By collaborating with each other, Beesy can grow its business while Penta can take its first step into internationalization. Both will serve a larger customer group, focused on digital businesses from micro to medium size.

For finleap’s ecosystem, it is of course also a win: By adding Penta, we extend our value chain of services for companies for digital businesses, which are already served today by Perseus who offers Cybersecurity and PAIR Finance who offers digital debt collection.

We wish you a warm welcome to the finleap family and are happy to have you onboard, Penta!