Published on September 10th, 2019

Welcome to the new finleap office!

While others went on summer holidays or spent the warm summer days at Berlin’s many lakes, we redesigned our office at the fintech hub H:32. After celebrating two (fantastic) years of moving into the H:32 building, we decided it was time to make our office look even more “finleap”.

Last year, we took a big leap and further developed our identity. As a result, we have identified curiosity, impact, trust, responsibility, diversity and collaboration as our company values. This foundation is reflected in our design, the colors we use, how we communicate and do business. We really live and breathe our values. So, naturally we also wanted our office to reflect what we stand for.

Following our bottom-up approach, we asked all of our colleagues to share their ideas with us to create a welcoming and functional office space. Feedback showed that we needed more space for collaboration and meeting spots. The outcome is a modern, yet functional design that fits into the diverse finleap universe and brand.

More space for more talent

With more fintech experts coming on board and our universe expanding, we created a space to grow even further. Exciting projects require space to collaborate. We enable an easy cross-department work environment with the addition of flex desks. The fully equipped desks are located next to team islands which give colleagues the opportunity to easily work together and learn from one another.

We also found out that fins love to work in open office space. While it can sometimes be demanding to work in one big room, it is also fun and inclusive. You get to see colleagues that you would not see if everyone was sitting tucked away in separate offices. So, how does one use a big room and integrate meeting space in an open office, you might wonder? Our skilled office operations manager arranged for noise cancelling meeting pods to be set up in the room. Sounds great, right? Well another goodie for all plant lovers is the expanded plant population. The lush green of exotic plants are slowly turning our office into a jungle.

We also like to chat and collaborate with our colleagues in Milan, Madrid and Paris. This requires space to have conversations. Hence, we installed additional phone booths that are available for calls.

The next time you visit..

You should check out the finleap gallery in one of our hallways. Next to a comprehensive timeline, we’ve added milestones and details of our short, but jam-packed history. You will notice that we also have our media library on the wall. You can read about highlights in selected articles that were published in international media. 

Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to our office operations manager, who worked tirelessly to ensure that we return to this special place! You rock!

PS: Do you see yourself working and collaborating on exciting projects in our lobby or meeting rooms? Then check out our open positions and join finleap now!

All photos are courtesy of nod studios Berlin.