Published on November 2nd, 2017

When it gets scary – Bankoween at FinLeap!

As a Fintech, we do not celebrate Halloween, but Bankoween. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t get scary…

As the 31st October approached, the whole of Berlin was searching for the right costume to shine in as a monster, ghost or skeleton at one of the many Halloween parties in the city. The whole of Berlin? No. A blue tower, named Fintech Hub H32, is transforming the horror party event into something more…creepy.

At FinLeap, we have our own tradition, established since 2015. Instead of Halloween, we are celebrating our infamous Bankoween party. What is it all about?

For one day, we are exchanging our sneakers-and-jeans-fintech-uniform for suits, ties and blazers to look super-banker-scary. This year, the effect was doubled as we celebrated for the first time at our new office H32, the former Headquarters of Berliner Bank. A very interesting experience, especially for our new Fins, who on their first day might have wondered if they applied to the wrong company.

Fins in their Bankoween Outfits

Fins in their Bankoween Outfits


One could see the spirit of the former bank employees flickering through the long, blue corridors and hear the old vault of the basement bank branch sinisterly creaking. One Fin captured the atmosphere perfectly, saying: “Do you guys know what the most creepy thing about Bankoween is? Most people seem to be veeeeery comfortable in their outfits”. So true!

Of course, Bankoween is not only about the costumes, but also food and drinks. So after our All Hands meeting with the latest news from the FinLeap ecosystem, scary Banker-Fins gathered together at the Fintech Penthouse and enjoyed pizza, chocolate coins, fruit punch, sparkling wine, soft drinks and beer.

Buffet at Bankoween

Buffet at Bankoween


Taking Bankoween seriously – and in order to act like real bankers – some Fins stayed until very late, singing along to the special “Money, Money” playlist and making the most of the photobooth (pictures strictly confidential, of course!).

Many thanks to our FinLeap Event Team for this very special evening, we are looking forward to Bankoween 2018!