Our Ecosystem

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Our Ecosystem

We believe that within a decade, companies will define the success of their business models not through benchmarking with traditional industry peers but by how effective they are in collaborating within rapidly emerging ecosystems built across different sectors. To that end, we are already focused on maximizing value creation and fostering innovation for all the stakeholders in our ecosystem.

finleap has built or invested in 15 companies, of which 10 are active portfolio companies. Additionally we have developed three corporate ventures with partners and three service ventures. Looking more closely at our ecosystem, you will find outstanding ventures on every single level of it. Newly founded fintechs as well as bigtechs today benefit not only from the services and technological proficiency provided by our ventures: They build upon the infrastructures and platforms of the finleap ecosystem.

By fostering a thriving ecosystem, finleap creates the best possible synergy effects for all the included companies, way beyond the limits of their individual domain.

Portfolio Companies

finleap’s portfolio companies offer a wide range of innovative financial solutions to consumers (B2C) and companies (B2B) of various industries, including high-performing market leaders.

Through the benefits of infrastructure and open banking platforms, networks and synergy effects, many of the companies included in the finleap ecosystem have become market leaders themselves, several having already reached 9-digit-evaluations.

Infrastructure Companies

finleap’s regulated infrastructure platforms ELEMENT, Elinvar, finleap connect and Solarisbank offer a solid, technology based foundation, equipped to enable any firm to transition into the future of financial services. They achieve this by offering fully regulated and ready-to-use white label insurance, asset management, connectivity and banking products. Amongst our customers are well-known European fin & tech challengers as well as the financial services players looking to maintain and expand their competitive edge in the market. By expanding their services to more and more countries, their platforms also open up opportunities for international growth to their partners.

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