finleap orchestrates Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem. We invest in technology companies, further their potential and cross-sector collaboration, creating the best possible synergies for ventures, partners and consumers alike.


How we reshape
the future of finance

Starting Europe’s fintech revolution

We are entrepreneurial investors that have built the leading European fintech ecosystem to reshape finance sustainably…

With the aim of transforming the financial economy sustainably through digital products and solutions, we started in 2014 as an early mover to establish Germany and Europe as one of the worldwide leading fintech investors.

In developing functioning business models and building 15 vital start-ups, we focused on innovation and long-term collaboration. We saw the power and potential of ecosystems and platforms to disrupt the existing financial industry with embedded financial services technology.

Our team of finance, tech and business experts brought their intuition to address the sector’s urgent need for new, feasible solutions. Introducing new, disruptive approaches, we launched a collaborative revolution for the benefit of the financial services sector and its consumers, building for the long-term.

Building an extraordinary ecosystem

Where others saw complexity and tricky regulation, we saw opportunities. By tackling the hardest problems, we could unlock the most value for consumers, businesses and investors…

With this approach, finleap convinced decision-makers from the established financial industry, institutional funds, the venture capital scene and the most experienced angel investors. As a result, investments of over 650 million euros have contributed to the advancement of the ecosystem’s ventures.

We partnered with outstanding founders and launched four regulated platforms across banking, insurance and wealth management. Each of these businesses redefined their category, creating a strong foundation for transformative innovation.

Around this infrastructure, we launched a constellation of independent ventures that serve both the B2B and B2C markets, collectively forming the finleap ecosystem.

Amplifying network effects

With the substantial evolution of the fintech landscape, finleap has transitioned company building and investing to orchestrating its grown-up ecosystem…


Our portfolio ventures work together across sector boundaries, leveraging synergies in the best possible way.

With finleap’s infrastructure enabling successful market entry, today’s generation of fintechs enjoy a more favorable environment. In all that they need, they can rely on services and expertise provided by companies within the finleap ecosystem.

Interdependence between different finance and fintech ventures, even far beyond their sector, has become indispensable and will continue to grow. Not only embracing this principle but having co-created it, gives finleap a leading edge in experience and know-how.

Fostering durable value creation and innovation

Our longstanding role as the trusted entrepreneurial partner to our portfolio remains our absolute focus…

In this way, we lay the best possible foundation for ever new and called-for innovation and achieve the maximum value creation for all the stakeholders in our ecosystem.

We contribute to the ventures’ success not only by supporting them as shareholder through fundraising, strategy and talent management, but also by evaluating ideas, identifying growth potential, and by providing insights from the expertise and knowledge base gathered in finleap and the ecosystem itself.

In this way, finleap achieves its strategic ambition of long-term investment and development. By cooperating closely with an ever expanding number of blue chip strategic and financial partners globally, finleap supports a thriving ecosystem.


Our ecosystem in numbers

To this day, finleap has built 15 independent companies of which 10 are active portfolio companies collectively worth €2.5 billion+ including one unicorn and several in the triple-digit million euro range. The ecosystem accumulates a diversity of talents, business sectors, capital and knowledge. Find out more!

  • 1.500+ Fin and tech enthusiasts
  • 2.5B+ EUR in value created
  • 15 Companies founded
  • 650m EUR Funding raised
  • 80+ Nationalities represented
  • 5 Regulatory licenses
Leading Talent

Learn about our stars

  • Markus Pertlwieser, CEO

    Markus is Penta’s CEO and a proven expert in digital business models and platform economy. Together with the Penta team and clients he simplifies business banking and shapes the digital future.

    Our Ecosystem
  • Dr. Christopher Oster, CEO

    Christopher is the CEO and co-founder of CLARK, the leading digital insurance manager. The CLARK app makes it easier, simpler, and faster for consumers to manage their insurances – all in one central app where changes can be done with just a few clicks.

    Our Ecosystem
  • Dr. Lea Maria Siering, CRO

    Lea is a regulatory expert, overseeing finleap connect’s compliance, information security, legal & public affairs functions as Chief Risk Officer. At finleap connect, Lea is helping to bring financial transactions to life.

    Our Ecosystem
  • Dr. Roland Folz, CEO

    Roland is CEO of Solarisbank AG and has over 25 years of experience in the banking and financial services sector. At Solarisbank he is driving the vision to create a world where financial services seamlessly sync with life.

    Our Ecosystem
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    financial services rests heavily on Generation Z. Find out how we are raising awareness with this generation in this blog post.

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